HOPPECKE is at the leading edge of battery technology and service.

Ongoing research and development, a market orientated approach and innovative solutions to customer needs have made our company successful.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service we have developed a totally new battery installation, maintenance and support service.
Strategically set up to offer complete and full coverage, and underpinned by strong administrative support, you can look forward to the most efficient, cost effective and reliable service available.
Our trained service partners are ready to help you with service, installation and repair.
Battery service has entered a new era.
To find out more "talk to the man from HOPPECKE".

A battery and a charger are a vital part of your back up support system. When your battery and/or charger develop a problem, this can result in high costs if the system should fail. HOPPECKE Service offers you the options to insure the security of your back up power and let your company concentrate on its core business.

HOPPECKE Service takes care of the topping up of your batteries to predetermined intervals. No more cost and problems with spillage and under- or over-watering.
HOPPECKE Service will clean your batteries on a routine schedule based on normal usage. No more problems with loss of performance through leakage currents caused by dirty cell tops.
HOPPECKE Service will check each battery and charger thoroughly to give you an overview of the state of your batteries and chargers. This overview of your batteries and chargers helps in your future budget planning.

HOPPECKE Service will test your batteries and chargers once a year to see if they are safe and fit for purpose. This gives your company and it’s insurers reassuring proof of safety for your equipment.
HOPPECKE Service will guarantee to be on site within 24 hours. In most cases the same day once the call has been logged with HOPPECKE Service. This reduces down time.