The HOPPECKE history from 1927 until 2009. A company makes history

1927 Foundation of the company by Carl Zoellner.

1971 Introduction of AquaGen® recombinators – a key element in the long-term operational safety of industrial batteries.

1973 Introduction of an employee profit-sharing scheme.

1976 Construction of a company smelter for lead recycling at the Brilon plant.

1983 First production of special alkaline batteries on a fibre-structured basis (FNC®) in a joint enterprise with Daimler-Benz and Volkswagen (DAHO).

1984 First production of LSC-lithium primary batteries at the Otzenhausen plant.

1987 Development of maintenance free lead-acid batteries with solid electrolyte.

1993 Introduction of trak® air traction battery with electrolyte circulation – a major improvement in operating safety.

1994 Quality certification of all plants in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

1997 DAHO transferred to 100% HOPPECKE ownership – establishment of HOPPECKE Batterie Systeme GmbH.

1998 First production of FNC®-A. A new generation of lower-maintenance and higher-performance nickel-cadmium batteries for railway, standby and AGV (automated guided vehicle) system applications.

1999 Start of sales/distribution and battery assembly in Shanghai/China.

2000 Start of sales/distribution and battery assembly in Philadelphia/USA.

2000 Innovation award for HOPPECKE “vlies” (glass mat) technology.

2001 Transfer of automotive battery activities to Johnson Controls.

2002 European market launch of the low-maintenance traction battery system trak® eco.

2003 Market launch of the trak® bloc range for small traction applications and for stationary applications.

2004 Introduction of FNC® cells with higher power density for stationary applications and approval of steel cells by international railway customers.

2005 Market launch of low-maintenance lead-acid products for high-current applications.

2005 Market launch of trak® power premium charge battery chargers

2006 Opening of the new factory in Wuhan / China

2007 Founding of the HOPPECKE Service GmbH

2008 Company awarded a distinction as a "Top 100-Innovator"

2008 Founding of HOPPECKE Advanced Battery Technology GmbH

2009 HOPPECKE receives award “German Customer Champions 2009”