“How can we offer our customers even better solutions and even more intelligent systems ?”
This is the question which drives us forward.

And it has already yielded many results: HOPPECKE has created one of the largest research and development initiatives in the industry, with numerous innovations, and outstanding patents.
In the development of practical and customized solutions we do not just rely on our own know-how.
We rely on a permanent exchange of experience with research establishments and universities which keeps our technology right up-to-date. Intensive cooperation with customer also creates the basis for energy concepts which are both economically sound and technically advanced.

Every battery system from HOPPECKE is therefore an investment which will repay the user - through longer life expectancy, greater energy savings and lower maintenance and operating costs.

Using the latest information technology, we optimize our business dealings with both customers and suppliers.


  1. Complete battery system
    In lead-acid or nickel-cadmium technology for all applications including:
    (railway, switchgear and control, UPS, power generation, telelcom, renewable energy applications)
  2. vlies.tec® technology
    This technology, which received an innovation award in 2000, is now basic technology for all of our VRLA reserve power and traction batteries utilizing absorbed glass mat technology.
  3. NiMH as base technology for alkaline battery systems, utilizing our patented fiber matrix plate technology
  4. Bipolar-batteries as high-performance batteries
  5. FNC®-A
    In use for telecoms and railway applications
  6. AquaGen® recombination system
    Since 1971 HOPPECKE has been the only producer in the world of external recombination systems
  7. Valve regulated nickel cadmium battery systems.
    Our FNC-VR technology is unique in the industry utilizing our fiber matrix nickel based technology to provide the most maintenance free system available.

HOPPECKE Batteries have the widest product range in the industrial battery sector, based on our own lead-acid and alkaline (nickel cadmium) battery production.
Our own sales and servicing organization with 16 subsidiary companies throughout the world is constantly at your disposal for the development, production, distribution and servicing of customized energy systems in the fields of railway, IT, telecommunications, power generation, switchgear and control, uninterrupted power supply, automatic guided vehicle systems and industrial trucks. We also offer battery recycling for all lead-acid and nickel cadmium batteries.